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Toyota Will Introduce The New Alphard, Today

After the Toyota Innova and Avanza, Fortuner, gets a new look in 2011, PT Toyota Astra Motor opens in 2012 by launching a Premium Minivan Alphard belongs to them. Rencanya, the holder Harga Honda Beat FI Bulan Ini of trademark Toyota in Indonesia that will be officially introduced the New Alphard, Monday 9 January 2012, morning in Jakarta.

As a version of facelift, Alphard will not get much change. Car bongsor this will only get have a peek here the composition of such a unique side bumpers and headlights, as well as the interior.

Indeed there has been no detailed information about the changes, specifications, and pricing on this new Alphard.

As perbandingkan, the current TAM has three variants of Alphard with two options, namely machine 2.4 liter and 3.5-liter. Alphard 2.4 G (dibanderol Usd 800 million), Alphard 2.4 X ($ 655 million), as well as the highest variant Alphard 3.5 G ($ 1,034.5 billion).

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