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October, Remained The Biggest Contributor Jazz Honda Sales

Although the sale of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) uninterrupted floods in Thailand, but the Honda brand holders in Indonesia was announced if throughout the Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX 2014 Terbaru Bulan Oktober 2014 month of October 2011 and successfully recorded sales of 4,024 units. The largest donations still provided the New Honda Jazz with sales figures 2.317 units.

Thus, until now, the Honda Jazz has sold 18.012 unit with 33% market share. Such achievement while keeping the position as Market Leader Honda Jazz on a class Hatchback.

"We are proud that the Honda Jazz has continued to achieve good sales in its class to date, let alone the achievement of this sale completes the achievements of Honda Jazz, which also earned a Best Compact Hatchback in the Harga Yamaha New Vixion Terbaru Car of The Year 2011," said Jonfis Fandy, Marketing Director for Aftersales Service & PT Honda Prospect Motor.

In class SUV, Honda CR-V in October successfully sold unit 709. The numbers a little more recorded of Honda Freed MPV class. Last month, Honda Freed himself reaching for sale 778 units. While the premium MPV class, the All New Honda Odyssey sales 1 unit.

In the sedan segment, notes a bit poorly made New Honda City which did not record sales in the past month because of terhambatnya supply due to flooding in Thailand.

"Honda's sales in October is not a maximum disruption of supply, because of Thailand due to the flood, which imposes on the reduced stock of Honda at some time in the future. Currently we will maximize production capacity and selling existing stock at the dealer, "added Jonfis.

However, other New Honda sedan Honda Civic sold 124 units and Honda New Accord as much as 95 Full Size unit.

In total, up to October this year, Honda has recorded a total of 40.318 unit sales of automobiles in the entire territory of Indonesia, with a market share of 5.4%.

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